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Winscot Trading, established in May 1975, began in a suburban garage in Hampton, Melbourne. In early years, product such as car aerials, radio cassettes, CB radios and aerials, car speakers and all associated accessories, as well as Matchmaster Antennas and their products were sold. This is where Winscot’s association with Matchmaster (R.J. Waterford & Sons as they were known back then) began.

Some years later, Winscot’s growth meant that expansion was required. A small warehouse in Moray Place South Melbourne became the new home for Winscot. It was known as “the Hole in the wall”. This too was outgrown, and a warehouse in Ferrars Street South Melbourne was to be Winscot’s new home in the late 1970’s.

Winscot become a respected company throughout Victoria, establishing itself for quality product and reliable service. A wide range of products was sold during this time. However, this was all about to change. Due to SBS on UHF channel 28 coming on air on January 5th 1986 and “Aggregation” of country Victoria to commence in the early 1990’s, more storage was required for UHF antennas and TV Reception Equipment. a larger warehouse was required. This time to Coventry Street still in South Melbourne, was to be the new home of Winscot for the next ten years.

The next, Satellite TV. Both C band and then ku band Satellite saw Winscot importing Perfect Ten satellite dishes from America. This also brought numerous associated products and the commencement of Pay TV in Australia and another larger warehouse around the corner in York Street, South Melbourne where we remain today.

The commencement of Digital TV in the year 2000, across capital cities in Australia saw the begining 'of the end' for Analogue transmissions. Later, Digital TV spread to regional Australia, seeing both Analogue and Digital transmissions arcoss Australia till 2013 when Analogue transmission ceased. Australias "Digital Switchover" had begun. Re-stacking and re-tuning of channels across Australia began in 2013.

Digital Television in Australia, has seen many changes to the Digital TV Spectrum. Again in 2014 saw the spectrum split into five Blocks, each containing six 7MHz channels and one spare, A,B,C,D & E. The reason, 4G LTE.              

4G LTE "Long Term Evolution" saw the selling of the top end of the TV Spectrum from 694MHz - 820MHz. The Telco companys started their transmissions in late 2014.This has seen multiple change to product. Amplifiers and Antennas now come with an intergrated 4G LTE Filter. 4G LTE Band Pass Filters are now also available.

Winscot specialises in “Digital TV Reception Equipment”, Domestic and Commercial, Australian made and imported product, throughout Victoria. Other services such as system design and training are also available. Winscot Trading a Digital Advisor in the Australian Governments Retail Advisor Scheme, promoted how the Digital Switchover can be achieved successfully, using the appropriate “Digital TV Reception Equipment”.

Winscot with over 40 years in business and its strong association with Matchmaster Communications, continues to stock quality products and deliver reliable service.

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