Digital TV Channels

Free TV Australia has developed a proposal for restack in Australia based upon a re assignment of digital terrestrial television channels in a contiguous ‘block’. This restack ‘block’ model has been developed as a result of the Government’s announcement of a re allocation of the UHF band above 694MHz.

The restack ‘block’ model is based an extensive study which included consideration of existing commercial digital television infrastructure and what is the most advantageous comprehensive plan which delivers long term benefits for both TV viewers and TV broadcasters.

Free TV acknowledges that as detailed planning commences to implement the restack ‘block’ model further refinements will be required to maintain the quality of digital television coverage.

The Channel Change Timetable for Restack and Retune Dates

The experience in the three main metropolitan markets led to some changes to the timetable. These included modifying the backend of the timetable to reduce the number of services restacking at that time, meaning that work is now spread more evenly over the next year and there is more room for contingencies. They have also reduced the length of the simulcast period in Melbourne and brought forward the restack date to 7 February following further research into conditions in the market. Time is also being saved by enabling 115 more sites to be restacked remotely.

List of Licensed Broadcasting Transmitters

Please click here to visit the ACMA website and see a list of Licensed Broadcasting Transmitters.

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