Push-Pull Rods



These 6mm diameter, 4 x 1.5 meter 6 meters in total flexible rods are made of non-conductive fibreglass with polypropylene coating,and are flexible enough to go around corners and up and down walls and through small openings,yet are strong enough to withstand virtually any test you may put them to.


  • Fibreglass rods with thick polypropylene coating
  • Ideal for running multi-purpose cable behind wall, up through crawl throught spaces and under floors
  • Non metal non conductive bright yellow polypropylene coated rods protect delicate walls
  • Easily connected rods offer controlled flexibility
  • faster and easier than old fashion unreliable yellow tongue




Push-Pull Rod Accessories



We have various accesssories to choose from that can be used with our Push Pull Rods,Telescopic Pulling Pole, and Wallsnake range. Here are a few of the popular ones.








Telescopic Pulling Pole


Applications tp26-1

This telescoping pulling pole is now available for use in long spans, and hard to reach areas in ceilings, floors and crawl spaces.


  • 30mm diameter - 7.9 mtrs extentended - 0.6 mtrs long collapsed
  • Very lightweight, about 2Kgs
  • Non conductive, wound filament fibreglass
  • Will not rust or corrode
  • Polyester resin baked enamel coating
  • Uses all interchangable attachments supplied with push-pull rods



Wall Snake


Features wallsnake

  • Enjoy the same features of our Push-Pull rods coiled in convenient PVC dispenser.
  • Extremely portable and lightweight
  • Comes coiled in a PVC dispenser, 160mm in diameter
  • Comes with special bronze terminals and pulling head
  • Bright yellow polyester coating eliminates the possibility of shattering and is self lubricating
  • Very flexible and does not kink when rigid
  • For use above false ceilings, inside walls and under floors



WT Push-Pull Rods



These rods are flexible enough to go around corners and up and down walls and through small openings.


  • Push-Pull Cable Rods
  • Kit includes a total of 9 cable rods x 1 meter long
  • Threaded at each end
  • 1 x short flexible cable for going arond corners in conduit
  • 1 x cable rod has hook at end
  • 1 x cable rod has pulling eye at end
  • Packaged in compact tube for easy storage

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